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As we all know, Chinese football has ignited the hope of Chinese fans recently. A very important reason is the opening of the era of naturalized players. Because the current national football team is facing a very serious problem, that is, the talents are out of gear and they are not available. With the 85-89 players who have participated in the World Junior Championships in the past few years, they have reached the age of 30 and reached the end of their careers. They need Mesozoic players to take over. However, our Mesozoic players have not yet been able to take over. Therefore, the National Football team is lacking in many positions, leading to a sharp increase in shortcomings and continued decline in performance.


Of course, the direct way to solve this problem is to vigorously develop youth training and train more outstanding players. However, youth training is a long-term project, and no matter how much investment it takes, it will take a decade to produce results. Therefore, the long-term thirst cannot be quenched. It is impossible for our Chinese football managers to watch the national football fall. So I came up with a way to kill two birds with one stone.


Recalling some outstanding Chinese players to play for the motherland can also turn foreign players who stand in a key position in the Super League into national football players. This will not only alleviate the crisis of shortage of the national football team in a short time, but also solve the chronic problems that have plagued the national football team for many years. For example, the frontline is weak. Since the front line of our Super League club has been mainly foreign aid for the past ten years, our local forwards simply cannot get enough opportunities to grow. So it's difficult for them to score a goal in the national team. At this time, if there are powerful forwards entering the national football through naturalization, then this problem will be solved.


At present, we have many candidates for the naturalized forward. For example, Exon, the former top scorer of the Chinese Super League who has been selected for the national football team and scored goals in the national football team, and Luo Guofu, another top scorer of the Chinese Super League who has been selected to the national football training list, and the small and medium-sized motor Fernando in the latest list is also selected. He can often play thousands of miles alone in the Super League, and his personal ability is very strong. In addition, although the former Europa League Golden Boot Alan was not selected for the national football list, he has the qualifications to represent the national football. It can be said that we now seem to have no shortage of people on the front line.


However, these players are 30 years old except Fernando. Their physical and competitive conditions are declining, and they are prone to injuries or poor conditions. At this time, more young blood is needed. supplement. However, according to the previous rules, no young foreign aid meets the rules of naturalization. However, in September FIFA changed the rules, so many foreign players regained the opportunity to play for the national football team. For example, Jiangsu Suning’s Teixeira, Chongqing Contemporary’s Caldek, etc., they only need to wait until early next year to qualify for the national football.


And what makes us look forward to is that there is another person, that is currently playing for Wuhan Zall foreign aid striker Evra, because he has already met the rules of national football naturalization, and if passed can immediately play for the national football. He joined the Shanghai SIPG team in the summer of the 2015 season, and it has been five years since this year. Moreover, his performance in Zall in the last three seasons was very good, not only the hero of Zall's surpassing in the 18th season. In the 19th season, he also scored 12 goals and sent 4 assists in the Super League, becoming the key to the team's sixth position in the Super League. Evra also had an outstanding performance this season, playing 12 games for the team, starting 10 games, scoring 5 goals and 3 assists. His speed and impact are what impressed us.


When everyone was looking forward to Evra's naturalization, bad news came. In the latest squad for the national team of Côte d’Ivoire, Evra’s name is impressively listed. It is reported that Côte d’Ivoire will play against Belgium and Japan on the 9th and 13th of this month. This embarrassed many fans. If Evra went to the Ivory Coast national team, wouldn’t he be able to become a national football team?


According to Zhu Yi, the administrator of the German transfer to China, the October match is a friendly match and will not affect Evra's naturalization. In other words, Evra can play the game, because the friendly match is not an A-level event, so it does not affect naturalization. However, Evra, who has determined that he can be selected for the Ivory Coast national team, will still choose the national football? After all, it is much easier for Côte d’Ivoire to enter the World Cup than the national football, and Côte d’Ivoire has played stars like Drogba and Yaya Touré, which is more attractive.


In any case, Evra must face a major choice. How do you think he will choose? What reason does he need if he chooses the national football team? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!




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