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The 15th round of the Chinese Super League ended a focus battle. The uncrowned king Shanghai Shenhua, who won 8 runner-ups in the history of China's top league, smashed his city rival Shanghai SIPG. In the case of an absolute disadvantage in the lineup, General Shanghai Shenhua directly relied on his iron will. Pulling Shanghai SIPG into the water, using hand-to-hand combat to offset the disadvantage of the lineup, and finally got a great 0-0 draw.


You must know that Shanghai Shenhua has always been at a disadvantage against Shanghai SIPG. The historical confrontation has achieved a terrible situation of 3 wins and 8 losses in the last 12 games. It has only won 3 times and lost 8 times, and many large scores have lost. This reflects the side. Shanghai's rising star SIPG has risen so fast in the year that it crushed Shenhua in all directions, and created the first team in the Super League, forcing Shenhua, as a traditional giant, to fight for Hong Kong as a weak man.


From 3-8 to 0-0, Shanghai Shenhua drew with SIPG in this battle. The reason for its greatness is not only to show the team's tenacious fighting spirit with weak and strong, but also to end the 1 Great shame, that is, the shame of losing five games in a row, and rushing through two major history. First, it has become the team with the most zero closures this season, with 8 zero closures in 15 games, and 4 consecutive rounds of zero closures recently. . Then it created the first draw against Shanghai SIPG in 4 years. The last time the two teams drew was on March 11, 2016. This battle was also the second draw in 13 matches in the historical confrontation. It also ended the match. Hong Kong has a shameful record of 5 consecutive defeats in the last 3 years.

从3-8到0-0,上海申花在这场战斗中与SIPG并肩作战。之所以如此出色,不仅是为了表现球队的软弱和顽强的顽强拼搏精神,而且是为了终结1大耻辱,也就是连续丢掉5场比赛,冲过两个主要历史的耻辱。首先,它已经成为本赛季零封数最多的球队,在15场比赛中有8个零封数,最近有连续4轮零封数。 。然后,它创造了四年来对上海SIPG的第一场比赛。两队最后一次抽签是在2016年3月11日。这场战斗也是历史对抗中13场比赛的第二次平局。它也结束了比赛。在过去的三年中,香港连续五次惨败,都是令人遗憾的记录。

The head coach Cui Kangxi expressed his gratitude again for the team’s perseverance and unity. However, he felt that the game still had regrets after the game because Yang Xu missed an excellent opportunity to kill. For the use of new aid, Cui Kangxi The answer is also given, confirming that the new players have not adapted to the Super League and need more time for joint training. They will be more cautious in key games and will not blindly rotate them to break the team's original balance. Regarding the injuries of Zhao Mingjian, Moreno, and Zhu Chenjie, Cui Kangxi said that Zhao Mingjian was seriously injured, while Zhu Chenjie had a sprained ankle, and Moreno was not in serious trouble.


According to the statistics of the game, the Shanghai Shenhua World War I fully demonstrated the advantage of pulling the veteran, and in the case of 2 foreign aids, it withstood the 17-foot shots of the SIPG 4 giants, while Shenhua only had 3 shots. It also proves that the strength of the old Shenhua internationals is still beyond the reach of the young players in the Super League. Under this background, Shenhua’s new MVP was born. This person is goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, who has made great attempts in the game many times. Must score, and finally got the highest score of the game with 8 points. Mbia, who also performed amazingly and repeatedly, got 6.9 points. Feng Xiaoting, who defended Hulk several times, got 7 points and Moreno 7.3. Points, the veterans collectively show off. For this kind of iron-blooded performance, the "People's Daily" also made a precise comment, bluntly saying that Shanghai Shenhua has shown strength and tenacity in a mournful manner.

根据比赛的统计数据,上海申花大战充分展示了拉退老将的优势,在有2名外援的情况下,它可以抵挡SIPG 4名巨人的17英尺高射门,而申花只有3名。镜头。这也证明了老神华国际队的实力仍然超出了中超联赛中年轻球员的能力世界杯凤凰体育直播。在这种背景下,申花的新MVP诞生了。这个人是门将曾诚,他在比赛中做了很多次尝世界杯凤凰体育直播试。必须得分,最后以8分获得游戏最高分。姆比亚(Mbia)表现出色且屡屡表现出色,得到6.9分。多次捍卫绿巨人的冯小婷得到7分和莫雷诺7.3分。要点,退伍军人集体炫耀。对于这种铁血的表演,《人民日报》也作了准确的评论,直言不讳地表示,上海申花已经表现出了力量和坚韧。



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