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   Beijing time on October 1, the NBA Finals officially kicked off. This is the Lakers' return to the Finals for the first time in ten years, and the Heat's return to the Finals for the first time in six years. Coincidentally, the last time the Heat reached the Finals, the main player on the team was James. Since Zhan entered the league in 2003, the NBA has played 91 finals, and he has participated in 49 of them. Today's game is the 50th finals of James' career.


   However, the finals G1 was not friendly to James. He had only 1 win and 8 losses before. The only victory was won by the Heat against the Mavericks in 2011. In the Heat and Lakers teams, a total of 8 players have won championships, and a total of 16 players have won. There are three each for Iguodala, Kazakhstan and James, two each for Danny Green and McGee, and one for JR, Cook and Rondo.


   Lakers starting lineup: James, Green, Pope, Thick eyebrows and Howard, the Heat start Dragic, Butler, Duncan Robinson, Crowder and Adebayor. Howard said: "I am very grateful to be able to return to the finals. I have let go of conceit and pride. I know that if you want to succeed, you can't be proud and conceited."


   After the game opened, the Heat scored two three-pointers and they were also very targeted on the defensive end. Fuck Noong Mei and James, forcing them to pass the ball. The Heat are quite prepared for this game, Adebayor and Dragic kept picking and rolling, staring at Howard. Less than half a quarter, Master Huo received his second foul.

比赛开始后,热火拿下两个三分球,他们在防守端也很有针对性。操Noong Mei和James,迫使他们传球。热火已经为这场比赛做好了充分的准备,阿德巴约尔和德拉季奇一直盯着霍华德,不停地滚动。不到四分之一的时间,霍大师收到了他的第二次犯规。

   The Lakers started 10 to 23 behind. No one expected this script. Vogel called two consecutive timeouts to replace James and Howard. Thick eyebrows return to the 5 position, the Lakers have a lot of offensive space. Pope hit two consecutive three-pointers from the corner, and the difference between the two teams came to single digits. The Heat saw that the momentum was not good, and quickly called a timeout.


   In the last two minutes of the first quarter, the Heat's hit rate dropped, and the Lakers shot a wave of 21 to 5 attacks. Adebayor also received his second foul, he was too important to the Heat. After the first quarter of the game, the Lakers completed the lead over 31 to 28. The ups and downs in life were really exciting! Howard: Are you all playing me?


   The thick eyebrows came to a rest in the second quarter. The Lakers were in the fifth elementary school, and Huo Master still stayed off the court. The Heat began to go to the basket, hitting three consecutive layups. When the time came for Hilo, the young man born after 00 did not have stage fright and made two consecutive three-pointers, and the Heat took the lead again. He is also 20 years old, and the leader can only sit on the bench in the class competition...


   The Heat are zone defenses and pincers, which give opponents many opportunities to shoot outside. The Lakers' three-pointers broke out completely. Nine players played. In addition to Howard, the remaining eight players all made three-pointers. The team made 10 of the first 16 shots. Warcraft: Let's not talk about it, if you talk too much, it will be tears.


   One round tells you how intense it is. Green, James, Crowder, Butler, and Pope fell to the ground one after another. Half of the players on the court were fighting for the floor. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the players on both sides have tried their best!


   At the end of halftime, the Lakers led the Heat by 17 points 65 to 48. The Lakers made 22 of 39 field goals, 11 of 17 three-pointers, and 10 of 10 free throws. The three hit rates are 56%, 65% and 100% respectively. In the final half, 65 points set a record in team history, and 11 three-pointers tied the team history playoff record. Thick eyebrows 18 points, Pope 10 points, Green 8 points, James 9 points.


   Heat Butler has 18 points, Crowder has 9 points, and Shiro has 8 points. You can't say that the Heat did not play well. The main reason is that the height difference in the inside is too big. Only Adebayor is a strong point. The Heat lost 8 rebounds in the first two quarters. Butler and Thick Eyebrow both got their ankles in the game. Dragic injured his left foot in the game and will not return in this game.


   Easy side to fight again, rushed to 20+ points and went, and the Lakers' momentum was completely out. Who would have thought that Master Huo could pass such a ball on the offensive end? Howard thought to himself: Walking on the streets of Los Angeles, you can't pass the ball and you are embarrassed to greet people. Thick eyebrow shouted: ITS OVER!


   Halfway through the third quarter, the point difference has reached 30 points, the game has become dull. The Heat was hit again, Adebayor strained his shoulder and returned to the locker room. Two consecutive main players retired from injury, Butler battled with injuries, it was too difficult for the Heat. Duncan Robinson made 0 of 3 shots in the first three quarters without a point.

第三节中段,积分相差达到30分,比赛变得乏味。热火再次受到打击,阿德巴约拉紧了肩膀,回到更衣室。连续两个主要球员因伤退赛,巴特勒与受伤作斗争,对于热火来说太难了。邓肯·罗宾逊(Duncan Robinson)在前三个季度中三分球命中0,没有得分。

   James singled out Butler and scored a left-handed counter-basket. The game completely lost suspense. The Lakers still kept Zhan Mei on the court in the fourth quarter, and Vogel replaced them at 1:23 before the end of the game. The Lakers do not want unexpected situations, this game must be won.


   In the end, the Lakers beat the Heat 116 to 98, leading by 1 to 0! James had 25 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists, thick eyebrows had 34 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. The two scored 59+22+14. Lakers Pope 13 points, Green 11 points, Caruso 10 points! Heat Butler had 23 points, Nunn had 18 points and Hiero had 14 points.

最终,湖人队以116比98击败热火队,以1比0领先!詹姆斯得到25分,13个篮板和9次助攻,浓密的眉毛得到34分,9个篮板和5次助攻。两人得分59 + 22 + 14。湖人教皇13分,格林11分,卡鲁索10分!热巴特勒得到23分,纳恩得到18分,希耶罗得到14分。

   Double Festival is coming, "King NBA" also prepared a big gift. From September 30th to October 8th, log in to get a variety of star card packs. Every day at 12 o'clock, 15 o'clock, and 18 o'clock, everyone grabs moon cakes together, and the purple mascot will be the first place. During this period, complete daily tasks and redeem rewards such as Hall of Fame card packs! Long press to identify the QR code below, or click [Read the original text] to start right away!

双节即将到来时,“ NBA国王”也准备了一份大礼物。从9月30日到10月8日,登录可获得各种星空卡包。每天在12点,15点和18点,每个人都会一起抓月饼,紫色的吉祥物将是第一位。在此期间,完成日常任务并兑换奖励,例如名人堂礼包!长按以识别下面的QR码,或单击[阅读原始文本]立即开始​​!

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