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Tiger Fighting October 15th, Rome today held a press conference for Smalling’s joining for the first time.


This summer, Roma and Manchester United started a tug-of-war on the transfer of Smalling, and finally completed the transfer successfully at the last minute. Smalling also attended the press conference today:


The CEO of Rome Feenga made a speech first:

Rome Feenga的首席执行官首先发表了讲话:

I am very proud to be able to attend the new aid launch with Smalling and Mayoral today. These two players are from Manchester United and Real Madrid, two very important clubs in the world. They chose according to their own wishes. With Roma, especially Borja, Real Madrid insisted on keeping him, but the strong personal wishes of the players finally made the transfer possible, including Manchester United also want to keep Smalling. Mayoral and Smalling are two motivated boys who will help Roma achieve those ambitious goals, and they will be an important pillar of the team's future plans.


Thank you, I am very happy to sit here. I am very sure that the team will be stronger than before. I did not return until the last minute of the transfer period. The team has already signed several new players and stabilized the basic framework. I can't wait to start the game and look forward to achieving some achievements with the team.


I felt pure joy, especially when I first arrived in Rome, there were so many fans welcoming me at the airport, which I had never experienced before. Then I walked into the gate of the Trigoria base in Rome, with the trophies displayed next to it, which inspired me. I have also received messages from many Roma fans on social media. I just want to return their support and win the trophy with Roma.


I think Roma already has one of the best captains, Dzeko, who is also a player that most teams in the world want.


A good team must have a leader on the court. I think I can be one of them. I will lead by example on the court, just like last season. But I would rather be able to help my teammates on the field. I have been practicing my Italian with Claudio (Rome translator) for the past few months. I hope to be a leader on and off the field.


In general, yes, I am willing to wear the captain's armband, but I also think that Roma already has many leading players, including our captain Dzeko.


I already had this sport when I first joined, and it has been very successful. Roma has been making new signings this season. I am very happy to be able to participate in such an event that goes beyond football itself. I also believe that through football, different countries in the world can be connected together. To be able to convey this message to the world and to help find those helpless children, I am willing to participate in such a project, and the work done by Rome has also served as an example.


This is similar to some charity work I did in England. I hope to continue. Football Without Borders is a project to help disadvantaged children. There are 30 children in a class. Not everyone can get attention, so we Hope to help those in need more one-on-one.

这类似于我在英格兰所做的一些慈善工作。我希望继续。 《无国界足球》是一个帮助处境不利儿童的项目。一个班有30个孩子。并非所有人都能得到关注,因此我们希望可以帮助那些需要更多一对一服务的人。

I am glad that Rome is doing the same thing. They also helped me with my charity. This is another reason why I think I am a perfect match with Rome.


First of all, I am a football player. The happiness I gained in the team last season is the most important reason. I want to go back to Rome to experience these moments again, and continue to fight with my teammates and coaches on the pitch. Of course the beauty of Rome Very important, the two reasons complement each other.


Obviously we have gone through a long and difficult negotiation process. I am very grateful for Rome’s strong desire for me and Manchester United’s support for this transfer. I am also happy to be able to restart this journey and hope that we can achieve together More success.


When I first arrived in Trigolia, Guido (Fenga) and Ryan Friedkin welcomed me, and we were very happy to meet again.

当我第一次到达Trigolia时,Guido(Fenga)和Ryan Friedkin欢迎了我,我们很高兴再次见面。

I think the team owner will make our team closer when he comes to Trigoria. He also watched the team training here yesterday. We are a whole, just like a big family. I feel that the number of times the bosses of other teams see the training may be counted by one hand. I believe that the experience of teammates is similar. Most club owners do not. Came to the training ground, so I think it will be very helpful to the team and will make us more connected to each other.




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