1956 Chevrolet 3100 Half Ton Pickup Truck

1956 Chevrolet 3100 Half Ton Pickup

This is one truck that I know alot about,since I am restoring one of my own.This is not my truck,so I don’t know how original it really is,but from this picture I can tell you a little about this truck.1956 chevy pickup truck

Because the fender emblem says 3100 Chevrolet,and is mounted above the fender line means it is a 1956,half ton truck.The V8 on the fender would mean it had the optional 265ci V8.

if it has the real vin tag on the door sill it would start with V3A56******* (V8,3000 series,half ton,1956).

For a transmission it could have a 3 speed on the column (3 on the tree),4 speed 0n the floor,with a very low first gear (granny gear),or a 4 speed Hydramatic automatic transmission,but it does not have a Hydramatic  transmission,because if it did the fender script would say 3100 Hydramatic,instead of 3100 Chevrolet.

The body is a short bed 77 1/8″ with the standard small window,the Tires would be 15″,and the hub caps were used on 55-56 trucks only,if this was a numbers truck it could be worth allot to the right buyer.

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