1957 Chevrolet 265 V8

1957 Chevrolet 265 V8

I like many others believed that the 1957 Chevrolet 265 V8 was not actually made for the 1957 model year,that they were left over 1956 265’s witch had a casting number of 3720991,but after much research,I find this is not true,Chevy did make the 265 v8 for 1957 cars and trucks the block casting 3731548 was used for both displacements in 57.

My guess is since they already had the molds for the smaller bore 265,they could of simply changed the casting number on the 265 molds to the new 283 casting number 3731548,The the 265 block had a poorer oiling system,but that could be easily fixed by slotting the block oil passage under the rear cam bearing ,and using the new 283 rear cam bearing,then the 265 could use the 283 distributor and cam.

All 1955 V8 motors are CHEVY ORANGE with BLACK valve cover stencils. All 1956 V8 motors are CHEVY RED, with BLACK valve stencils. A few EARLY 1957 265 V8 engines (standard transmission ONLY) were painted chartreuse (lime green) by Chevrolet, and they had BLACK stencils on the valve covers. After about November 1956, all 265 engines were CHEVY ORANGE (as are the 283 motors), and the valve cover scripts were SILVER.1957 Chevrolet 265 V8


The 1957 265 V8 was advertised as the economical low cost V8 available with only a two barrel carburetor standard transmission,in either a three speed,three speed with overdrive on the column or four speed on the floor,and the funny part,this 265 was only offered as an extra cost option,vs the standard 283 V8


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