1958 Chevrolet Truck

1958 Chevrolet Truck

1958 Chevrolet Truck models were designated Task Force Trucks again in their advertising and promotions. Major changes were made to the 58 pickup trucks and product line up. Although there was not a total break from the styling of the past three years.Image may contain: car

All 1958 Chevrolet trucks had completely new front end sheet metal. The front fenders were heavily sculptured and had a new look at the top. Plus a rounded feature line extending forward at the wheel opening. A Frenched style opening housed dual head lamps for the first time. The hood was completely resculptured also bulging up along the fenders.

The grille was reshaped and had a modern new look. A massive one piece horizontal bar with Chevrolet stamped across it in block letters and not the Chevy script. Above this bar was two smaller horizontal bars. Rectangular parking lamps were located at either end of the large horizontal bar.

1958 Chevrolet Truck

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The hood trim included an emblem mounted along the bottom of the hood and was new for 1958. It had a up side down trapezoid with wings extending from each side. A large red Chevrolet bow tie was centered within the trapezoid and had a black background. For 1958 Chevrolet trucks with V-8 engines a chrome V was added. On the fenders was a large jet plane shaped nameplate carried a two digit designation for the series code and the word Apache. The trucks in the 31, 32, 36 and 38 series assigned the Apache name was considered light-duty. Those with the series 40-60 and above were assigned the Viking and Spartan name.

1958 Chevrolet Apache Truck

The Cameo pickup truck was built in 1958 but was renamed the Cameo Carrier at a cost of about $500.00 more than the Apache. Due to cost, production stopped during the early months of 1958. However, Ford responding to the fancy Cameo produced a equally fancy Styleside pickup with no extra cost to the consumer. About mid year Chevrolet responded with a similar modern looking Fleetside pickup that cost about six dollars more than the Apache.

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1958 Chevrolet Fleetside flat side panels with missle shaped tubes or bulges running the entire length of the bed. Round taillights were mounted at the end of the tubes. Fleetside script was mounted near end of the bed. The tailgate had Chevrolet spelled out across in white painted letters.1958 Chevrolet Fleetside TruckImage may contain: car

Fleetsides were offered in 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton series. 1958 Chevrolet trucks were equipped with a 235 cubic inch 135 horsepower thrifmaster engine. A 283 cubic inch 160 horsepower trademaster V-8 engine was also available on the 1958 Chevrolet truck.


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